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💚 If #farming and CEA is your passion then you surely follow Henry Gordon Smith (and if you don't, run!) CEO and founder of Agritecture and an innovative mind. One of its many successes is Agritecture Design, a platform for farming entrepreneurs to save time and money. ​

🙌It is with great joy that we announce that we are now PARTNERS in this tool! Go to to get the most useful insights, connect suppliers and provide access to fair financing options.​

🌱A big step to continue spreading #AEROponics in #Greenhouses with #horizontalfarming, a way to grow while saving resources and having a great success, as our customers are already growing with our solution.​

💪Go visit our profile and leave your congratulations!​

Thanks to the whole Agritecture team and may it be the beginning of something spectacular! ​

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