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COMMISSIONED MidiFlore in France!

💪 After weeks of assembly, wiring, testing that our rolling spraying robot works perfectly, testing the convoying system, assembling our mobile modules inside the #Greenhouse and much more, we reached the most exciting point: everything is ready to start with the production of green leaf plants and herbs because we commissioned MidiFlore in France!

✨ BIG thanks to MIDIFLORE and its representative Sylvie Recouvrot for the confidence in us to continue to grow unique.

💚 We are immensely proud of all the achievements you have made thanks to your hard work and experience! 

🌱 We hope that this relationship continues to blossom happily (like crops!) and that the results exceed expectations.

🤝 As with every customer, we will be there every step of the way. So that France will continue to grow in its food independence and have local leafy greens, with 0 pesticides and produced with significant resource savings.

💬 Special thanks to the entire CleanGreens Solutions SA team that was part of this immense project.

Discover the journey:

Modern Greenhouse Farming Aeroponics in France

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