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What is AEROponics?

"Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in the air or

mist environment without soil or an aggregate medium"

says Wikipedia.

The plant is nourished by being sprayed only with

the water and nutrients that it needs, with NO-icides 

This SOILLESS farming method has been recognized

as one of the most resource-efficient methods

to grow healthier and tastier crops.



GREENOVA is the name of the patented mobile AEROponics system designed by CleanGreens Solutions.

It offers growers a highly automated solution

for producing high-quality crops with minimal labor.

It is cost-effective and sustainable.

A revolution for your Greenhouse!

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Hydroponics vs.

While hydroponics submerges the roots under water,

AEROponics keeps them in the air.

Both methods offer advantages over

traditional soil-based agriculture, but there are some

key differences between them and several reasons

why we chose AEROponics, such as the reduction of resources usage and phytosanitary risks, a wider variety of crops to grow,

healthier roots, longer shelf life and many more. 

Vertical Farming vs.
Horizontal farming

Why do we do HORIZONTAL farming

in the Greenhouse? Well, we believe that VERTICAL farming has limitations despite being very trendy.

For us, HORIZONTAL farming has more benefits such as less complexity for its operations, being more eco-friendly and economical by saving electricity and prioritizing natural energy, enabling

a broader variety and larger crops and many more. 


Cool technology but,
what about 
business ?

The system we developed is more than an idea,

it is a concept turned to reality that already brings great benefits to our customers in several countries.
profitability of the system and the diversity of what you can grow with it are some of our favorite features. 
You can contribute to a planet-friendly food production,

and also run successful business.  

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Contact us

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Hello! I am Bernhard,

CleanGreens's commercial director.

If you need more specific information

or have any questions about GREENOVA

please contact me by filling out this form.


I look forward to hearing from you! 

Find us here

Chemin de Greybin, 1415 Molondin, Switzerland

+41 21 545 9925

¡Thanks for your message!

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