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What is AEROponics?

AEROponics is an innovative growing technique that has #RootsInTheAir:

they're NOT in soil as traditional farming, and they're NOT submerged in water as HYDROponics.

So, the plant is nourished by being sprayed ONLY with the water and nutrients

that it needs, with 0 pesticides.

Although it is not a new concept, at CleanGreens Solutions we developed our own

AEROponics mobile system, GREENOVA, to grow unique.

AEROponics how does it work

AEROponics 101

In any AEROponics system there is always a constant: above there is a light source that gives

direct light to the crops,

then a structure or support that holds them.

Below you can see the beauty of the roots in the air,

and underneath all, sprayers of water and nutrients. 

There are many ways to do AEROponics,

but they are all done in semi-closed or closed environments, also called Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). 

The CleanGreens
AEROponics System

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GREENOVA is the name of the patented mobile AEROponics system designed by CleanGreens Solutions.

It offers growers a highly automated solution for producing high-quality crops with minimal labor

and intrants. It is cost-effective and sustainable.


Play the video to revolutionize your Greenhouse!