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What is

On our mission to help growers establish a profitable business while promoting sustainability,

we want to empower them by providing the best knowledge and tools to manage their operations on GREENOVA with ease.

We strive to minimize labor while maximizing efficiencymaking it easier for growers to carry out their tasks effectively.

GURU emerged from this philosophy.


It is developed and improved based on feedback from CleanGreens' agronomists and our customers.

Thought as "the digital soulmate" of GREENOVA,

GURU is designed to be hassle-free.


A user-friendly interface makes it easy for growers to

monitor and manage their operations, along with the ability to access real-time data on crop performance and adjust settings as needed to ensure

optimal growth and yield.


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What does this App do?
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What you see is... what you see.

Our user-friendly Greenhouse map provides managers and operators with a quick and easy way to see what's being cultivated on the our system and check the sowing, transplanting and harvesting operations of the day at a glance.

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Crop cultivation

The top of the crop!

Our crop cultivation journal

allows you to log important information about each crop cycle, browse past harvest yields, and track your production over time to gain insights into your crop management.

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Plan smart, grow smarter

GURU allows you to easily

schedule and track your crop growth from sowing

to harvesting, ensuring that you stay on top of your planning

and optimize your crop management

for optimum yield.

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A stitch in time saves nine!

GURU lets you add and track the resources needed for your Greenhouse to manage your inventory levels easily. You'll always have a clear overview of your resources, and automated alarms are set to ensure that you never run out of anything essential.

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Plan your work, work your plan

GURU makes it easy to organize all tasks related to your crops. For each new sowing, it creates related tasks, set for specific days, based on multiple parameters. Automated reminders help to ensure that everything is completed on time.

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Access to

Don't panic, just click.

Direct access to our online Helpdesk provides Greenhouse operators and managers with comprehensive support, making it easy to find information and get assistance with any issues related to GURU or GREENOVA.

How does it work?

GURU is designed with a holistic, cross-device mindset.

Whether you are in the office, in the Greenhouse or away, each approach provides specific features, based on what is relevant at the location where the app is used.

GURU Office

Plan it well.

GURU Office works on computers and focuses on planningIt is where managers can plan the day for the operators working with GREENOVA, as well as

upcoming sowings and harvests.

It lets you easily see and manage all aspects of the system, such as resources and parameters, to ensure

optimal growth and yield.

GURU Greenhouse

Run it right.

GURU Greenhouse works on tablets, and focuses on

running GREENOVA's daily operations, through an

intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage tasks

and keep track of what needs to be done.

Built-in reminders and real-time records ensure

seamless coordination of operators' activities.

It assists in key tasks like sowing, harvesting,

and production tracking.

GURU Pocket*

Keep it close.

GURU Pocket is designed to run on smartphones.

Since GREENOVA runs 24/7/365,

GURU Pocket will be for managers and operators

to keep an eye on things when they are away.

*To be released soon!

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