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INNOVAUD awards CleanGreens Solutions

We are #SwissMade and based in the canton of Vaud, the ideal setting for innovation: more than 2,000 technology companies are based in our region. From Switzerland... to the world!​

🤝One of the great supporters of these companies like ours is Innovaud, which (once again!) this year proudly awarded us with the Scale-Up Vaud 2024 label along with 44 other companies. ​

👉What does this award recognize? Companies in high-tech that show an annual growth or revenue of min 20% over 3 consecutive years, an employ of a minimum of 10 permanent staff at the beginning of the period, and to be registered in the canton for at least 3 years.​

🌱We're happy and proud to be part of the Scale Up Vaud Community together with the most influential #innovation companies in the country.​

💚 This kind of recognition inspires us to keep striving to make the world aware of our AEROponics solution to save resources and do more, with less!​

Thanks !

Swiss Enterprises chosen for Innovaud
Innovaud 45 enterprises

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