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Welcome to CleanGreens !

CombaGroup is delighted to share its new brand :

Last year, the company realised it was time to leverage its unique position in the field of mobile aeroponic growing solutions. This year, we've rebranded to solidify our stance, offering, and direction within the industry.

The new name, CleanGreens, is synonymous with powering clean, sustainable solutions in the agrotech space. It also reflects the company's mission to represent more directly what they are bringing to the table: fresh, healthy, premium quality yields of their customers’ favourite crops. 

"Our complete solution is different from any system in the market and our re-branding is largely driven by our effort to reflect this for our products, mission, vision, and of course, our customers and consumers,” says Serge Gander, CEO. 

He adds: ”We've taken a clean, modern approach to the name, the website's design and the user experience in our new look and rebrand. We purposefully set out to challenge the status quo in all aspects of our business and this redesign reflects that." 

Go and discover our new website :

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