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2023 starts with a new contract signature

We are thrilled to announce that we have signed a contract for the installation of a 3,500 square meter aeroponic project using CleanGreens' GREENOVA system. The project, set to begin at the end of the year, will allow Midiflore to produce aromatic herbs locally and reduce imports.

This project marks the next step in our growth and a major milestone for Midiflore as our system offers a more sustainable solution for growing aromatic herbs. Aeroponics, compared to hydroponics, uses less water, offers a wider range of varieties that can be grown, and brings a consistent quality of herbs. Additionally, the GREENOVA system allows for multiple harvests, increasing efficiency and profitability for Midiflore.

"We value local production and we're excited to soon be able to produce our favorite herbs here all year long," said Sylvie Recouvrot, owner of Midiflore. "At the moment, we produce in the fields, so our crews are exposed to the climate conditions and must work in uncomfortable positions. Transitioning to the greenhouse will allow them to have a better work environment."

Bruno Cheval, CEO of CleanGreens Solutions said, "Despite adverse market conditions, with this project we can demonstrate that CEA farming and our aeroponic technology in particular can still progress. France is a large market, and it's our second project here which proves the profitability of local aromatic herbs production. Our clients can grow herbs at a lower cost than they import it, and with a significantly better quality, that's a significant advantage for aeroponics."

"Our aeroponics system, although being high tech, is very easy to use. The most complex part in a greenhouse project is the irrigation and how to keep the roots well fed and oxygenated. Our irrigation robot brings nutritive mist to the roots at pre-set regular intervals and by being in the air, the roots are naturally oxygenated. There is not much that can be done wrong”, adds Bruno.

"We train our clients on an existing system before starting their operations, and we accompany them on the agronomic side in their own greenhouse once it's set up.”

Midiflore is an aromatic herbs and edible flower producer located in Hyères, in the South of France. The company grows over 50 varieties of herbs both in greenhouses and on open fields.

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