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Horticulture has gone crazy with GreenTech (and so do we!)

Updated: May 15, 2023

For 3 days, the world of horticulture met in one location: the Netherlands, specifically in Amsterdam.

This year’s event was more expected than ever since the pandemic disturbed previous editions.

Why is GreenTech the most relevant event in its niche, and why has it driven us all crazy? How farming works? Can farming be a business? Is it interesting to be at GreenTech for a start-up? We’ll tell you all about it !

Well... for beginners, when you go to GreenTech you know that you are going to be surprised to see how huge companies keep growing every year, strengthening their roots but also adapting to the new times.

On the other hand, you also see how start-ups like CleanGreens Solutions are growing by leaps and bounds, betting on the new future of food with innovations to make agriculture more sustainable.

So... months before this event we sat brainstorming sessions together and asked ourselves: If we had 72 hours for the world to pay attention to us, what would we do to attract it?

First of all : clear message !

Many of you wonder how the future of indoor food production will be like: hydroponics, aquaponics, vertical farming?

We start by saying loud and clear what we don't do, to show what is different about us: unlike most farming start-ups, we don't do vertical farming, nor do we do hydroponics.

Then we put it in simpler words: we sell an aeroponics system, with #RootsInTheAir, and we do #HorizontalFarming greenhouses to make maximum use of sunlight to minimize heating and lighting costs.

Are we green? of course, so let's show it!

We create brochures with numbers proven and verified by our R&D and our customers: with GREENOVA, our system, you can grow in your greenhouse more than 100 types of leafy greens, and more than 100 medicinal or aromatic plants .

With 10 liters of water you produce 1kg of lettuce. You get 30 x more than field yield and 200% delicious, crispy and healthy products.

We also wanted to make it clear that we believe passionately in our system, so we identify with our motto #WeLoveAeroponics!

Scaled demonstration of our system in LEGO®

It can be a struggle to explain what we do to a wide range of people, our spraying robot is 12.80m wide and it’s hard to fit in a booth that is only 3x4m. We had to find a way to easily explain what we do and how the greenhouses of our clients are operated.

As our system is Swiss made, we picked up the phone and called two professionals: the Swiss LEGO MASTER winners Alex Favre and Eric Bedelek, and asked them to build a scaled model in #LEGO!

Without a doubt, watching the Lego version of our robot that sprays water and nutrients to the roots without drowning them, was an experience that everyone loved and came to see at GreenTech.

We have also been looking for ways to represent our spraying robot and, do you know how we did it? With an aquarium to show how attractive roots in the air look with GREENOVA!

Thanks to our team we can now show, in a real way, that at CleanGreens we don't choke the roots, we give them lots of oxygen to keep on growing.

Our achievements and expectations

So...what did we learn from this tradeshow and why do we want to see you there next year?

Commercially, we achieved our objectives by connecting with new passionate growers and entrepreneurs from all continents.

We have strengthened our ties with customers and partners who came by the booth, such as the Blondins, owners of Domaine des Mattines, our friends from Les Crudettes and many more!

We also got in touch with suppliers and mainly made the world know that mobile aeroponics exists and is a profitable alternative to hydroponics to consider when retrofitting or installing a greenhouse.

We can say, in a few words, that it has been a great experience (and you can't miss our video summary by clicking here!) and that we continue to believe that, in business you can always go for more, but when it comes to horticulture, less is more. Specially in #aeroponics.

At least that's how an old phrase goes... "My plant is drooping because I gave it too much water, and then I understood that giving too much, even if it is a good thing, is not always the right thing to do."

The entire CleanGreens team has worked hard for Greentech this year, but in our company, there is always more to give!

Click here for contacting us to stay up to date with all our news.

Until next time

We say goodbye to Greentech, for now, with a photo that defines how we have ended the experience: with nostalgia to come back!

Have you attended this event and visited our stand? What has been your perception of Greentech compared to other years? We will read you in the comments.


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