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The AEROponics revolution is here!

We developed GREENOVA, a mobile soilless growing system designed to grow
leafy greens and herbs in Greenhouses. It works 365 days a year, and we can install it anywhere.

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“HYDROponics did not gave me homogeneous quality all year round. I got it now with AEROponics and I also save 60% of water"

Jéremy Blondin, installed a 500m2 Greenhouse in Switzerland                                         

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Grow unique with our mobile and soilless AEROponics system for Greenhouses.

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Manage your crops with this unique software we developed.

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What makes us different


96% less water than Open Field

60% less water than HYDROponics

Less consumables needed as seeds,

substrates and others

32% less nutrients than HYDROponics

Multi-cut for herbs up to 7 times

Larger heads of lettuce, almost doubling the size compared to vertical farming

Increased yields 


Homogeneous production

Predictable yields
Less diseases, NO cross-contamination

More possibilities in the Product Mix 


Longer shelf life increasing

the % of selleable products

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