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Who is GREENOVA for?

Growers, processors and investors enjoy the profitability of growing with GREENOVA all over the world.

Check their experiences below and see how they grow unique with our AEROponics system.

HYDROponics growers

Domaine des Mattines Jeremy.png

Jeremy Blondin is a 6th generation grower at the Domaine des Mattines. He’s always one step ahead of new cultivation technologies. He is dedicated to producing vegetables in a sustainable way and also encouraging Swiss local production.

"With CleanGreens we have quality, consistency and productivity beyond our expectations"

Says Jeremy Blondin from Domaine des Mattines, Switzerland

who switched from HYDROponics to our AEROponics system.

Picture by Bertrand Carlier

Open field growers

Midiflore Sylvie Recouvrot.png

Sylvie Recouvrot is a French grower that produces aromatic herbs, formerly with open field cultivation. Entrepreneur, she is CEO of Midiflore, which also produces edible flowers. They seek to offer the best possible conditions to their employees and to obtain as a result, profitability and a quality, local and healthy product, produced sustainably.


"Thanks to CleanGreens we have a High-tech Greenhouse cultivation 24/7 instead of relying on imports some months of the year"

Says Sylvie Recouvrot from MidiFlore, France

who went from open field to AEROponics in the Greenhouse.


Les Crudettes France Dominique Duprat.png

Les Crudettes is a leading French ‘Ready-to-Eat’ lettuce and aromatic herbs processor that works with the main retailers in the France, providing them with a large variety of aromatic herbs such as basil, chives, coriander, dill and more. Les Crudettes built up two greenhouses, one for R&D purposes and one for large scale herbs production.


"By growing with CleanGreens, our entire production is 100% local, all year long"

Says LSDH Group, partner of Les Crudettes, France

who process fresh produce into bagged and ready-to-eat salads


Greenlife Adel al Shamali Kuwait.png

🇰🇼 Adel Al Shamali is an influential entrepreneur known throughout the Gulf region, also president and co-founder of The Green Life Company. He was looking for a profitable business aligned with the Kuwait National Adapdation Plan 2030 which underligned food independence as a great challenge.


"Producing with GREENOVA, the system that CleanGreens developed, we obtain healthy, high-quality products with minimal water and labor "

Says Adel Al Shamali from Green Life Co, Kuwait

who wanted to play a role in the food security of Kuwait

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