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What is AEROponics?

AEROponics is an innovative growing technique that has #RootsInTheAir

instead of planting the roots in soil (as traditional farming) or submerging them in water (as HYDROponics).

The plant is nourished by being sprayed only with the water and nutrients that it needs, with NO-icides

This SOILLESS farming method has been recognized as one of the most resource-efficient methods

to grow healthier and tastier crops.



Although it is not a new concept, at CleanGreens Solutions we developed our own AEROponics system to grow unique.

Scroll down to find out what makes this method different from others!

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How it works

In any AEROponics system there is always a constant:

above there is a light source that gives direct light to the crops,

then a structure or support that holds them.

Below you can see the beauty of the roots in the air,

and underneath all, sprayers of water and nutrients. 

There are many ways to do AEROponics,

but they are all done in semi-closed or closed environments,
also called Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). 

Resources saving

AEROponics requires fewer resources than

other growing methods:

it uses less land, less nutrients, and less water.

While hydroponics needs 25 to 50 liters of water to make 1kg of lettuce, AEROponics needs only 10 liters !

Also, we use 96% less water than traditional farming.

This results in a remarkable preservation of resources in favor

of the planet, lower operating costs and better overall efficiency.

Water needed hydroponics aeroponics farming.png
Traditional farming California farm.png



compared with

traditional farming.




compared with


Chives aeroponics farming.png

More profitability

The quality of the root system allows us harvest aromatic herbs

several times. ​

The plant grows back stronger and this allows growers to save

on substrates and seeds but also to reach much higher yields.​

Most aromatic herbs have yields of up to 350 to 500 tonnes

per hectare per year.​

Roots in the air?

Growing without soil is possible. But... why would you do so?

Besides saving resources, the AEROponics technique

provides  a full oxygen access for roots, avoiding tip burns

and root asphixia.

It also prevents cross contamination

and significantly decrease phytosanitary risks.

With our system, in the unlikely event that

one plant is contaminated,

it would not affect the others since each is independent.

So, healthy roots... and of course, yummy crops!


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Our added value

With the intention of optimizing the AEROponics technique

and automating agriculture sustainably, our Swiss company

CleanGreens Solutions SA developed its first solution

called GREENOVA. This patented mobile AEROponics

technology is an innovative system that enables

the efficient growth of leafy vegetables and herbs

 by doing a revolution: AEROponics in the Greenhouse. 

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