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Varieties to grow

What varieties can I grow in the Greenhouse

using the GREENOVA AEROponics system?

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Growing lettuce with AEROponics will offer larger and crispier lettuces in a shorter period of time.


The constant access to oxygen to the roots will give a delicious and nutritious crop,

being a game-changer for growers and consumers alike.

Growing baby leaves with AEROponics gives a constant and uniform production.

It offers a multi-harvest feature on the same modules yielding a superior product even after multiple harvests, while saving on costs.

Baby Leaf Leafy Greens Teen leaf Microgreens.png
baby leaf.png
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Growing aromatic or medicinal herbs with AEROponics will assure you consistent plant sizes, faster growth rates and the possibility of growing larger yields.

The direct access of the roots to oxygen at any time gives a unique and stronger flavour, thanks to ideal growing conditions.

Growing romaine lettuce with AEROponics will overcome the challenges of other systems: they will develop with their iconic cone shape and also obtain a much heavier weight with high-quality and no tipburns on the leaves.

Crispy, fresh, yummy, big,

what else?

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