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Press Release - New CEO

Updated: May 15, 2023

2022 marks the beginning of a new chapter for CleanGreens: a new CEO takes the lead.

CleanGreens Solutions SA (CleanGreens) announced today that Bruno Cheval has been appointed new CEO of the company.

He will succeed to Serge Gander who is leaving for personal reasons after nearly five years the Company. The Board of directors would like to thank Serge for his contribution to the development of CleanGreens during that period.

Bruno Cheval, Financial Director since 2020, takes over the company's leadership during its fast-growing process.

Bruno Cheval counts more than 25 years of experience in financial markets and corporate finance, developing economic models and valuations to assist business leaders in the funding and growth of their companies. As an operational and strategic CFO, evaluating the company's financial performance and individual projects, along with a long-term vision, Bruno Cheval has demonstrated his analytical, organizational, and intuitive skills to continue the development of CleanGreens.

After a long history of helping business leaders make better decisions and raise capital, Bruno Cheval is now taking over this leadership position himself.

"I will continue and accelerate the development of CleanGreens as the leafy greens growing solutions that bring the highest yield and product quality to the market. Along with the team, we look forward to 2022 with the delivery of three new projects in Europe and the Middle East and the signatures of new contracts, establishing CleanGreens as the solution of choice for transforming agriculture and reducing its impact on the environment.

I would like to thank Serge for his leadership during his years at CleanGreens and wish him well in the future.", affirms Cheval.

About CleanGreens Solutions SA

CleanGreens is a Swiss agri-technology company that provides farmers and the farm industry with innovative mobile aeroponic solutions for the cultivation of fresh, environmentally friendly, nutrient-rich vegetables. Certified as a B Corp (for balancing purpose and profit) CleanGreens’ patented technology significantly reduces water consumption and bacterial contamination risks while offering maximum productivity per square metre thereby minimizing environmental impact. The company’s automated irrigation and mechanized spacing systems produce clean, premium quality, pesticide-free salads, aromatic herbs and medicinal plants all year-round, thus providing consumers with healthy and responsible products.

For more information: Celine Calais

+41 21 545 99 25

For the latest news about CleanGreens Solutions:

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