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AEROponics under the Swiss Innovation spotlight

Updated: Feb 28

Switzerland is renowned for its cutting-edge innovation and has become a global hub for technological advancement: it is a powerhouse that has consistently captured the attention of the global community, and for good reason.

Its commitment to research and development, coupled with a strong emphasis on sustainability, sets a benchmark for technological progress worldwide.

Celebrating Switzerland's innovation not only shines a light on its achievements but also inspires and influences advancements around the world.

This is what the swiss Insight Media does.

For that, with its innovative and informative video format, they came to our offices at the Agropole of Switzerland in Vaud to learn about CleanGreen's AEROponics revolution in modern farming!

They perfectly captured the beauty of our AEROponics Greenhouses and the answers of our CEO Bruno Cheval, who responded to their interesting questions.

They said: "Does growing salads and herbs in a totally controlled environment sound too futuristic? Yet it's happening in Molondin, more specifically at the Agropôle, where B Corp-certified company Cleangreens 🌱 is exploring the potential of aeroponics to grow its produce above ground. It has developed a technology that consists of a robot sprayer."

Always happy to collaborate with companies supporting the swiss culture and innovation of the country. We're swiss based and swiss made, bringing innovation in modern farming from Switzerland to the world.

Thanks to the Insight Media team for this video.

Check the full video here!

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