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Project phase

Do you want to know what the installation of our GREENOVA system looks like ?

Let the journey begin! 

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Are you considering upgrading or building

your Greenhouse with an

AEROponics growing system?


Our Sales Team is available to assist you

in assessing the best-suited layout,

feasibility, and expected profitability

of your project.

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We will organize a visit to an operating Greenhouse equipped with our

GREENOVA System to provide you with

first-hand experience from AEROponic growers that also use our GURU App.




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Together, we can determine

the optimum layout for your project

and agree on options

and specific features.

Our Engineering team will provide

a fully detailed design of your project, incorporating all supplier specifications

for your Greenhouse, lighting,

and climate control needs.

They will work to ensure a

flawless integration of all elements.

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Once complete,

your GREENOVA system

will be pre-assembled

in our workshop in Switzerland

by our skilled team

of experts, using high-quality

parts made at local partners.

Our installation experts will

then supervise the final assembly

at your site, ensuring

a seamless installation.

To provide ongoing support for your operations, our agronomy experts will

train your staff

on how

to get the best out of the

GREENOVA System and GURU App,

ensuring your success.

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Now you will be ready to produce

high-quality greens with

the most sustainable production system!

Once your operations begin,

our cultivation experts will

keep in touch regularly, ensuring

your yields are high

and your greens are delicious.

Our helpdesk is available

for any questions, advice,

spare parts orders, or improvement

suggestions you may have.

Your success is our success!

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