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CleanGreens Solutions - The first #AEROponics system in large scale Greenhouses
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GREENOVA is the name of the patented mobile AEROponics system designed by CleanGreens Solutions.

It offers growers a highly automated solution

for producing high-quality crops with minimal labor

and intrants.

It is cost-effective and sustainable.

A revolution for your greenhouse!

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Automated agriculture

GREENOVA allows you to automate labor-intensive tasks,

such as moving the crop modules.

The system relies on a metal structure that carries

the plants through the growth cycle, eliminating the need

for manual labor.

Automated systems control the amount of water and nutrients and the frequency of irrigation, ensuring optimal growing conditions

and high-quality crops.

Reducing risks

Besides reducing labor, our system also minimizes the risk

of contamination and human error.

The system operated in closed environment meaning that plants are protected from pests, diseases, and other contaminants, ensuring that the crops are safe and healthy, using 0-icides.

The automated system also reduce the risk of human error and contamination, ensuring that crops receive the correct amount of water, nutrients and cultivation time.

A stress-free Greenhouse!

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Guru App CleanGreens Aeroponics Greenhouse Farming HelpDesk screen.png
Guru App CleanGreens Aeroponics Greenhouse Farming HelpDesk screen.png

Easy-to-use tech

Designed to be hassle-free, it also features the development

of a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for growers to

monitor and manage their operations: GURU App.

The system is equipped with sensors that monitor

the movement, alerting growers to any issues that may arise.

Greenhouse managers can also access real-time data

on crop performance and adjust settings as needed

to ensure optimal growth and yield, and much more.

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