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Cool technology but,
what about 

The system we developed is a concept turned to reality that

is already working and that brings great benefits to our customers in several countries.

By using GREENOVA system, growers can fast-track

their road to profitability with higher quality crops,

increased yield, lower operational costs, better control,

and efficient use of resources.
GREENOVA makes it possible to contribute to

planet-friendly food production

and also run successful business.  

Fresh herbs LSDH aeroponics greenhouse.jpeg
Greenhouse aeroponics .png


Profitability is key to

a successful business.

Our system can easily help growers to fast-track their income with a wide

range of benefits.

What is aeroponics farming Cleangreens.jpg

High quality crops

Growers can produce high-quality crops with a longer shelf life, higher

nutrient content, and better taste.

This translates to higher

selling prices and better margins.

Greenhouse soilless farming aeroponics CleanGreens.png

Increased yield

Quicker growth cycles,

heavier plants and the

possibility to cut

aromatic herbs multiple times.

This leads to best-in-class yields.

Romaine Lettuce.png

Lower costs

Our system has lower operational costs than other indoor farming techniques because it uses less energy,

water, and nutrients.

This results in lower operational costs.


Better control

GREENOVA, our AEROponics system together with GURU, our companion app, provides full control over your greenhouse tasks and crop management.

Kuwait Greenlife.png

Efficiency checked

Our system is already installed and working, allowing growers around the world to save water, labor and other resources, and of course have a profitable business!

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